Monday, February 14, 2011

Do I really think of that?

Bosan nye!!! Aina dah boring!! Oh, hi Ape khabo??
Sekarang ni dah nak dekat pukul 12 malam... Buat apa lah lewat2 ni.... Homework x siap lagi.. Bila lagi nak siap.. Aduh, tension!! Tahun depan dah PMR... Takot la.....

But, I'm not really thinking of that. Am I? Nah, sometimes I felt lonely. But what are guys for? Ruining your life? Huh, that'll get you going. I couldn't help thinking " Am I really alone and gonna stay like this?". Then I heard Taylor Swift's "Back To December". Kinda reminds me of a tale of this couple and relates to how lonely sometimes I felt. Sure, m family had always been there for me but it's weird. Really, really weird. It's like I'm missing something in my life. Something not as important as air or food but kinda WILL make me happy. Ok, I'm getting really formal with this kinda writing but that's who I am and it's not your jub to judge. But fell free to comment, please.

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