Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Wall of Stuff!!

Hey! So we meet again. How's everybody? Just finished catching up with the one and only, Westlife!! You know the charity Childline was hosting a concert in The O2 in Dublin, Ireland on the 18th December and I missed it because it didn't air it here. Actually I missed it 'coz I forgot. Um, hehe. Just so you know, I've been "unconnected" with the Internet for 24 hours(officially) until now. So I haven't been updating with the lads. My blogs are usually short and I'm trying to make it long this time. About the concert, Nicky Byrne presented it and a lot of other artists performed like JEDWARD, McFly, The Wanted, Wonderland, Shayne Ward, Jason Derulo and others I unfortunately don't remember. Off course Westlife performed. They're the star of the show!! Oh no. Here I go again. I'm bragging about them. Sorry guys, Back to the title now.

By the way, if you're interested, the concert is on top if you want to see it.

Ah, The Wall of Stuff. Actually MY wall of stuff. I got the idea of making it by this amazing dude, Charlie McDonnell. He is a genius and here he is . I made mine when my family and me officially moved in my dad's apartment. Yes, we moved. Occasionally I took some pictures of it.

This is on the first day.

Then , I add a few things and it became this.

This is the particullar video I was talking about. That's it for today and hope y'all have a great day. Cheers.

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